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The Electron Microscopy Facility at Oregon State University (OSU) is a service facility providing faculty, staff, students, and Industrial collaborators access to electron microscopes and related instrumentation.

News, Events, & Announcements

July 12th, 2024

We have just confirmed that Gatan will be installing a new side mount, "Rio" camera in the OSU Titan the week of August 5th. This is a CMOS camera with fast frame rates: 20 FPS at full resolution and 200 FPS at 1k by 1K resolution. It also has 4D STEM capability, look for the 4D STEM pack at a later date. Our strategy is to update our Titan TEM with the newest of technology as it becomes available.

Feb 24th , 2024

The EM Facility has recently acquired a new Critical Point Dryer for sample preparation!

New Critical Point Dryer

January 25th 2024

Happy New Year from the EM Facility! We hope that you’ve all had a great first month of the new year!

For today’s announcement, we highly recommend watching a wonderful live demonstration of our FIB FIG system from our facility director, Dr. Peter Eschbach. Check out this neat technique via the link below!

Closed January 15th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

The EM Facility will be closed on January 15th for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

December 22


  • The EM facility be closed between 25-29th.
  • We've acquired a lovely new table, housing our Ultra Microtome as shown below.
Ultra Microtome on New Table

We hope that you all have a wonderful winter break! Happy Holidays!!

RELMS , our scheduling system is in full swing and it has really helped streamline our billing. As of April 1st, RELMS was the platform that will be used for booking Quanta 600, Quanta 3D, Titan and Helios.

At this time masks are not required

And as always, we strive to treat all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds with respect and equity.


In addition to an FEI Titan with ChemiSTEM technology, we have staff that are experts in sample preparation. Rebecca excels at ultra-microtome, using glass knives to home in on your area using blue stained microscope slides and then coming into your final AOI with a diamond knife. Pete has created over 1000 FIB lift out samples in 15 years and has 25 plus years experience with mechanical cross section and polishing.

The facility is supported from the Office of Vice-President for Research and the facility's client colleges. The facility is located in Suite 145 in Linus Pauling Science Center.

Major Instrument Calendars

  • FEI TITAN 80-200 TEM/STEM with ChemiSTEM Technology
  • FEI QUANTA 3D dual beam SEM/FIB
  • FEI Helios NanoLab 650 high resolution SEM
  • FEI QUANTA 600FEG environmental SEM
  • two Utra Microtomes
  • a new RMC
  • a newly rebuilt Leica EM UC7 Cryo Ultra-Microtome

Extensive Materials Science Prep Tools

  • Allied High Tech semi-automatic-grinder-polisher
  • Pace vibratory polisher for EBSD sample prep

In addition we routinely perform potted cross section preparation for industrial clients looking to solve problems!