This table-top instrument was the first scanning electron microscope (SEM) at OSU. It was purchased for $ 17,000 in 1973 from International Scientific Instruments (ISI).  Money to fund the purchase was raised by $ 1,000 contributions from several Colleges and the balance was funded by the OSU Research Council.  The microscope was in service for eight years, during which time nearly 1900 beam hours of use were logged on the microscope and over 11,000 photographs recorded.

The Mini-SEM operated at a fixed 15 kV beam acceleration voltage, achieved a resolution of 30 nm, and produced a maximum image magnification of 40,000x.  Images were recorded directly from the microscope’s viewing screen using a 4” x 5” Polaroid film camera.

The microscope remained in the Electron Microscope Facility until about 2008.