By registering as a new user and requesting training on-line from the "On-line booking" menu, students and faculty members agree to abide by the Facility's operating policies. During registration, an active index number is required.

University policy requires campus services to recover their operating costs through charges to projects using these services. The OSU Electron Microscopy Facility therefore makes charges for use of equipment, supplies, and services provided by EMF staff. The University Administrative Business Center (UABC) manages EMF's accounting details. Bills for our services are payable within 60 days of invoice.

No free work.  The old policy of beam credit from training was found not consistent with University policy and was discontinued. 

Special equipment added to our microscopes.  This must be cleared by a consensus opinion of the Director, Instrument manager and the vendor field service engineer.  Arbitration would go to the steering committee and the assistant Dean of Research in Science and Engineering.  But we have yet to see a case where arbitration was needed.

If adjustments for technical reasons are justified, instrument time, materials and services will be provided on a replacement basis at no charge. Compensation is made by replacement of time, materials, or effort, not by reduction of charges.

Damage to equipment will be assessed by the vendors service engineer.  If the service engineer determines damage is from user negligence, eg a pole piece crash, users department will be notified and asked to assist in repairs.  So, please pay attention in training, focus link and move and then no pole piece crashes!

Direct use of laboratory equipment is permitted to qualified university faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students participating in active research program are also permitted direct Facility use after they have received proper training and received direct use authorization. For security and risk management reasons, clients not affiliated with the university should make a use authorization request to the Facility Director or the Instrument manager.   

All direct use of instruments and equipment is contingent upon the competency and responsibility of the user and is up to the discretion of the Facility Director, who has authority to deny or revoke privileges. Users are asked to adhere to normal courtesy, cleanliness, and safety standards. Safety procedures must be followed if dangerous materials are used. 

After-hours access is granted to internal users that have demonstrated competence.   Please ask the director or Instrument manager for permission we will then confer amongst ourselves and make a decision.  The decision has to be unanimous.  If the student or faculty needs additional training we will help with that or come up with a plan so they can satisfy us that they can now “fly solo.”

University users qualified to do their own specimen preparation or microscopy may be allowed access to the Facility during non-business hours. For reasons of security, non-university users are normally not given access during those times that the building is closed. Persons wishing to use the laboratory during evenings or weekends should obtain permission from the Facility Director. 

A half hour charge is made for the second missed appointment.  One warning is issued if you miss the first apointment after that there is a charge.  We prefer users schedule the equipment and to cancel when necessary, rather than expecting availability on demand. 

Users are asked to accurately record their instrument usage in the logbooks found next to the instruments.