Use of Radioactive Substances

Campus Radiation Safety requires compliance to regulations for use of uranium compounds for positive and negative contrast staining. Effective 01 January 1994, clients who use uranium compounds in positive or negative staining protocols or who use other radioactive substances must comply with the following, which apply to all uranium or radioactive compound use within the Facility, even if the use is only one drop per year.

  1. The Radiation Safety Office (RSO) has issued a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) for work with uranium/radioactive compounds in the EM Facility, specific to 145B Linus Pauling Science Center;
  2. To use uranium compounds to stain specimens the user must have completed a prescribed four hour RSO class. The class is offered once monthly at the Radiation Center.
  3. To use uranium compounds in protocols clients also need a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA). Your permit should cover your work with uranium compounds in EMF and other location where you'll store or use uranium or radioactive compounds. Please note: RSO and EMF cooperatively verify compliance in RSO training and RUA requirements.
  4. Clients who prefer to maintain their own solutions need to obtain their own compound inventory in accordance with RSO regulations. EMF cannot sell or otherwise provide (transfer) powder or liquid uranium compounds to you. (Many uranium compounds can be purchased at RSO). Clients must store their own radioactive compound inventories at other authorized locations outside EMF and are responsible for their own compound inventory, its storage, use, disposal, and dissemination.
  5. Clients who use their own solutions need to produce those solutions from their dry compound inventory. Please identify all solutions with your name, % solute compound/solvent, and mix date. A client's solutions may be used in EMF and stored in our refrigerator or other EMF assigned storage location. Clients have the option to keep their solutions at other authorized locations outside EMF. Clients are responsible for their solution inventory, its storage, use, and dissemination.
  6. Radiation monitor, identification tape, spill mats, tray, and gloves are provided in 145B Linus Pauling Science Center for general use. Clients may provide their own safety and handling materials.
  7. Radioactive material used in EMF should be disposed of at EMF. Permitted for disposal are dry (powders, gloves, filter paper, pipettes) or liquid (acetone, alcohol, water solutions) waste to be put in our identified containers.
  8. Individuals using wet or dry uranium or other radioactive compounds in 145B Linus Pauling Science Center are personally responsible for compliance, monitoring, and recording of their radioactive materials use AND DISPOSAL on forms provided by EMF. Nothing recorded on an EMF form relieves one from compliance with documentations required by their RUA.
  9. Radiation compliance surveys are made and logged by the Facility Manager.
  10. Accounts of clients using radioactive compounds may be billed a small quarterly fee covering radiation control safety materials, monitoring programs, and waste disposal.
  11. EMF maintains stocks of uranium solutions in refrigerated storage for routine general use in the facility. Please discuss your needs with EMF staff.