Diamond knives, diamond saw blade and other specialized equipment are not provided by the Facility. If the extensive use of diamond knives, specialized stages or other devices is anticipated, investigators should purchase and maintain them through their own budgets. Our staff will assist in the selection and evaluation of diamond knives or other specialized equipment of known reliability compatible with the relevant instrumentation. Arrangements for housing specialized equipment at the laboratory are negotiable.


The laboratory staff have authority to make quality control decisions on technical quality of work done in the Facility. Materials rejected by the staff for quality reasons become the property of the laboratory.  We will then help you acquire quality images or prepare samples properly.   Decisions about quality are limited to parameters of photography, microscopy, and suitability of sample preparations. The investigator is responsible for evaluating the scientific merits of the results, and for interpreting the results of sample preparation and sample suitability. Technically acceptable results are charged for regardless of the usefulness of the results to the investigator.


We ask our TEM customers to acknowledge the National Sciecnce foundation, and Murdock charitable trust, per the handout available near the TEM remote computer on the large table in conference room.  When you publish, please acknowledge the Facility and give us a link to your publication so we can put it on the website.