Tutorial 1, Oct 9th virus identification, these are augmented reality, move your mouse or phone to see a different view!:  


TEM Grid Prep

TEM Grid Loading

TEM Virus Identification

TEM Overview


Tutorial 2, Nov 12, 2020Phase Identification on the SEM with EDS principal components and EBSD

Tutoial 3, Samuel Briggs Dec 3rd 2020 Microstructure of irradiated FeCrAl alloys, see Pete for a link. 

Tutorial 4, January  21, 2021 Pete Eschbach, advanced technqiues on the Helios 650 purchased 2015!: Charge mitigation strategies,  Montage MAPS, Auto Slice n view 

Tutorial 4 part 2 reconstruction of Auto Slice n View with Avizo

Tutorial 5, Feb 18th, 2021 Electron Energy Loss and EFTEM mapping on the OSU Titan TEM

Tutorial 6, March 11th,Dorthe Wildenschild micro computed tomography, Micro CT

Possible future topics, send Pete a note and Voice your opinion on these possible tutorials:

Phase ID on the TEM with the ICDD database

TEM sample prep alternative: ultra microtome

 Manual and Semi automatic segmentation of 3-D data sets or how to turn pretty pictures into data

EDS quantification using Noran(Q3D) and Bruker(TEM)

Hyperspy toolbox for phase id in TEM?