Lets here your voice.

Please take a few moments and we welcome constructive criticism. Just remember, everyone needs lots of PIE: positive, instructional and encouraging.

Please rank how much you value the OSU Electron Microscope Facility, 1 very low and 10 you value it the most.
Add words if you like.

Rank your training experience again 1 is low and 10 is you really value the training you received.

Rank how much you agree with the following, 1 is disagree completely and 10 is agree fully: “The OSU EM facility is well maintained, clean and accessible to me.”

Again, how much do you agree with this statement, 1 being disagree fully and 10 agree fully: “The staff are friendly and help me when I need help.”

Again, rank how much you agree with the statement, 1 not at all and 10 agree fully: “The data from the OSU electron microscope facility is crucial for our publications and or products.”

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