Cryogenic (“cryo”) microscopy must start with a high quality ultra-low temperature preparation of the specimen.  Our KF-80 cryo-fixation system may be used with any hydrated material, be it a biological or hydrated material specimen submission.  The KF-80 takes hydrated specimens to any selectable temperature above – 190Cº, using either a “plunge” into a (selectable) cryogenic fluid or the metal mirror (“slam”) method.  Specimen temperature drops hundreds of degrees in under a second, so quickly that ice crystallization damage is precluded. Once frozen, depending on research objectives and sample type, a specimen may be transferred for cryo-substitution or cryo-microscopy applications.  Cryogenic freezing  can be a useful alternative to chemical based fixation methods.  (Image: Reichert-Jung KF-80 Universal Cryofixation System).