Current Facility Staff


Peter Eschbach, Facility Director


Peter has been working with electron beams and or lasers/optics since 1985   He started out his profesional career in lasers and optics at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 1990 and then moved to Hewlett Packard in 2001 to work in failure analysis with both optical and electron microscopes.   His specialty is SEM FIB prep, having honed his skills under the tuteledge of Ron Kelley (now with FEI-Thermo Fisher) and Randy Burgess ( retired HP).  Randy and Ron learned under Dual beam pioneers like Bob Marshall, and Walt Spencer (dec) all retired HP employees.  Peter is also a graduate of the Lehigh STEM course (taught by Chris Keily, Mashashi Watanabe, and Alynn Eades). The EDAX EBSD course (taught by Stewart Wright) and the Gatan EELS and EFTEM course (taught by Ray Twesten).  Pete has a broad backgrhound in Materials Science, Atmospheric Science (MS UCLA) and Physics (MS WSU) ultimately earning his Ph.D. in materials science while attending night school at WSU Tri Cities in 2002.  Thesis was under Professor Larry Olsen and centered on device physics and characterization of Copper Indium di Selenide Solar Cells. 

  Assistant Director , Vacant