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Tutorial Series

Tutorial Series

Tutorial 1

Oct 9, 2020: Virus identification, no longer available. Ling Jin in Vet med may still have a link.

Tutorial 2

Nov 12, 2020: Phase Identification on the SEM with EDS principal components and EBSD

Tutorial 3

Dec 3, 2020: Samuel Briggs, Microstructure of irradiated FeCrAl alloys. See Pete for a link.

Tutorial 4

January 21, 2021: Pete Eschbach, advanced techniques on the Helios 650 purchased 2015: Charge mitigation strategies, Montage MAPS, Auto Slice n View

Tutorial 4 part 2

Reconstruction of Auto Slice n View with Avizo

Tutorial 5

Feb 18, 2021: Electron Energy Loss and EFTEM mapping on the OSU Titan TEM

Tutorial 6

March 11, 2021: Dorthe Wildenschild micro computed tomography, Micro CT

Possible future topics

Send Pete a note to voice your opinion on these possible tutorials:

  • Phase ID on the TEM with the ICDD database
  • TEM sample prep alternative: ultra microtome
  • Manual and Semi automatic segmentation of 3-D data sets or how to turn pretty pictures into data
  • EDS quantification using Noran(Q3D) and Bruker(TEM)
  • Hyperspy toolbox for phase id in TEM
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