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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Dr. Elisar Barbar (Committee Chair)

Professor of Biochem and Biophysics and Department Chair

College of Science

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Dr. Ethan Minot

Professor, Physics, College of Science

Dr. Melissa Santala

Associate Professor, School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, College of Engineering

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Dr. Jennifer Fahrenbacher

Assistant Professor, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

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Dr. Brianna Beechler

Assistant Professor, Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine

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Dr. Chrissa Kioussi

Professor, College of Pharmacy

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Robyn Tanguay

Distinguished Professor, Director of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, College of Agricultural Sciences

LaRae Wallace

Fiscal Coordinator 2, Research Office

Chas Haluzak

Hardware Development Engineer, Matthews Innovation Research Center

Pete Eschbach (Ex Officio)

Director of EMF Facility, College of Science

Vrushali Bokil (Ex Officio)

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, College of Science

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