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Instruction and Training

Printed images of microscoping photos.


Training is intended to acquaint a new Facility user with Facility personnel, and the tools, techniques, and skills needed to develop the proficiency required to successfully achieve a specialized research investigative goal.

Training usually starts from registration in RELMS (research equipment lab management system). An active index number is needed during registration. After your request is received and index verified by University staff, not in the OSU EM facility. You can log into RELMS and request training. Training will be scheduled after we receive notice of "Request for Training".

In most cases, two 1.5 hour sessions will be scheduled. In the first session, our samples will be examined. In the second session you may bring your samples. Please remember, that not every sample will yield perfect results. Significant sample prep may have to occur first this is particularly true of EBSD and TEM work. The instruments are all under service contract and often a lack of results can be traced to using the wrong sample prep or not asking for help. So, after your training, please still ask for help!

After training, trainees become users and will be able to access the instrument during working hours (9 am - 5 pm) under supervision. Depending on situations, we will authorize users to access the instrument on an 8 hour-base or 24 hour-base.

We have multiple resources for online learning, remote microscope courses, and background learning.

Files for "hands on" training techniques