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InstrumentInternal rateExternal rateGovernment rate
Titan TEM (ChemiSTEM)$108/hour$360/hour$150/hour
Ion Milling (Helios or  Q3D)$125-Helios, $116- Quanta 3D

$330-Helios,      $310-Quanta 3D

Helios SEM$91$170$75
Quanta 3D SEM$82$170$75
Quanta 600 SEM$63$170$75
Staff labor$75$85$75
High and low speed diamond saws$26.25$40$26.25
Cressington Coaters C, Au-Pd and Varian PVD Cr, Au, Al$10$10$10
Denton Sputter Coater- Iridium or Chromium$26.25$26.25$26.25

No free stuff. Prices are non negotiable, per University. Training credits program discontinued in Fall of 2020.

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