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We have five workstations to satisfy your data processing needs. We spread the applications out among these five stations to minimize conflicts. All of the stations have access to our 14 Tb RAID (mass storage device) called SEM-NAS. The 14 Tb RAID is backed up nightly.

  1. Avizo workstation, Dell Quad Xeon processors with 100 Gb Ram and Nividia 6000 graphics card (GPU) with 32 Gb Graphics RAM. see below.
  2. TEM workstation with Inspect 3D for tomography, and Digital Micrograph, see below.
  3. Diffraction simulation workstation and Leica low mag camera workstation, see below.
  4. Xeon processor TEM File transfer station with Esprit and Flight simulation, see below.
  5. HP Z220 Xeon processor workstation with 32 Gb RAM. Runs NPGS, Design CAD, EDAX EBSD software and EDAX EDS software.

Avizo Workstation 100 Gb or RAM, Quad Processor

This workstation is one of Dell's most powerful, Dell precision 7810. It has four Xeon processors and is equiped with a 6000 series Nividia graphics card with 32 Gb of Graphics memory for smooth handling of large, 6 Gb data cubes generated with Auto Slice'n view on our Helios 650. Many of the 3D renderings you will see on this web page were perfomed on this workstation or its predecessor using Avizo 8 or Avizo 9.

Titan Support PC with Digital Micrograph, Inspect 3D

On this TEM workstation we have Digital Micrograph along with many of the free plugins from C.R.G. Mitchell: Circular Hough Transform for diffraction analysis and Crystal Tools. We also have a stand alone version of FEI's very nice Inspect 3D and Aviso Fire 8.1 for creating tomograms and reconstructions of our the tilt series taken on our Titan TEM. This workstation also drives our Leica Fluorescence Microscope.

NPGS, Design CAD, and Simulation of Electron Diffraction Workstation

This Dell Precision 3500 tower has NPGS and Design CAD to serve your lithography pattern design needs. This workstation also has "jems" software developed by Prof. Pierre Stadelmann at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This software is a useful analysis and instructional tool that simulates many aspects of electron diffraction phenomena related to the electron microscopy of crystalline structures. The software allows a user to construct/model crystal structure, dynamic diffraction patterns, convergent-beam diffraction patterns, transfer functions, and high resolution images based on the multi-slice and the Bloch wave methods. In additon this workstation drives our low power Leica Micrsocope and captures images from the Leica and is located in the SEM lab.

TEM file transfer , Electron-Specimen Interaction Modelling Workstation and Bruker Esprit Workstation

This workstation primarily transfers data from the Titan to our web accssible RAID, SEM-NAS. But it also houses Esprit, and Electron Flight Simulator, an analysis and simulation software program from Small World, L.L.C. This is helpful analytical and instructional software that models the interaction of an electron beam with a variety of sample substrate materials in different shapes and configurations to show backscattered primary electron scattering, secondary electron generation and scattering, and x-ray generation, dispersion, absorption, and fluorescence yield behaviors. In addtion we have the stand alone version of Bruker's Esprit for analyzing hyperspectral data cubes from the Titan ChemiSTEM.

HP Z220 Workstation, with 32 Gb RAM and Nividia 4000 Graphics card

This workstation was our former Avizo workstation and is currently dedicated to EBSD processing using EDAX OIM 7, EDS processing using EDAX Genesis and Lithography tasks using Design Cad and NPGS (Nabity Pattern Generation System).